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Who We Serve

Affordable Career Consulting is ideal for entry to senior level professionals who work in software and technology based industries who are ready to take their careers to the next level.  We specialize in job search strategies, career transitions and changes, and leadership development for new (and not so new) managers. We work with clients based in the US and Canada

Tired of Feeling Stuck?

We see it all the time. Heck, we’ve experienced it ourselves!

Your career is no longer serving you the way you need it to be. You find yourself wondering if there is more out there, maybe have identified what you want to do, but have no idea how to actually make the moves to get what you want without it seeming like a risky proposition.

Here’s some common scenarios of our clients…

  • You’re getting increasingly bored and unfulfilled at work
  • Your life has changed and you need work to accommodate your new situation (baby, relocation, illness, etc)
  • You feel you’ve advanced as far as you can go in your current job and are ready for something new
  • You want to take the step into management and need top-notch communication skills
  • You’ve been let go and need to get a new, hopefully better, job

Get Clarity and Momentum with Career Coaching

Alison creates a great environment where you feel safe being yourself while helping you become your best self.

Jessica – Marketing Director

What We Are All About

At Affordable Career Consulting we have one goal: helping our clients achieve theirs. We KNOW you have the capacity to preform at a higher level, create sustainable changes and live a better, happier life. We’ve helped hundreds do just that.

Job Seeker Sessions

Job Searching? It can certainly be a grind. If you’re looking or a new job or planning to soon we can help you:

  • Write and edit your resume
  • Improve interviewing skills
  • Strategically advance your career
  • Define, develop and strengthen your personal brand

We’re now offering 6 Months Unlimited coaching for active job seekers!

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Career Transitions

If you are thinking about or in the process of making significant changes to your career, you’re not likely to have all of the answers. This is where having a career coach in your corner is beneficial to help you navigate:

  • Step into leadership positions
  • Change career paths
  • Start a new business
  • Rebalance work with personal priorities

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Career Development

None of us are born as great speakers or inspirational leaders. Those are skills that are developed over time and influenced by our own background and experiences. Help become the leader you need to be:

  • Public Speaking Lessons
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Development
  • Management Training

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Note Sure What You’re Looking For?

No problem! Chat with us and we’ll point you in the right direction, no pressure and no obligations.

Seasoned Professional

Alison was very personable, very insightful, compassionate yet firm, and coached through the lens of a seasoned professional. As suggestions were on point and constructive.



First time Job Hunting in 10 Years

This is my first job-hunting search for 10 years and I was unsure of how things have changed. Alison gave very valuable advice. Excellent value for money – fully recommend.


Business Analyst

Inside Info

Alison was amazing and very professional. She was able to convey some inside info about the recruitment process that you cannot find online. I can’t recommend her enough.



I Got the Job!

Excellent service and very helpful! I was rather nervous…this really helped calm the nerves and gave me some excellent ideas for what they would be looking for.  Fortunately, I passed the interview (both of them) and got the job!


Graphic Design

Made all the Difference

I had Alison prep me for a major presentation, and it made all the difference!



Highly Recommend

Alison is amazing! She really understands how to to set yourself apart! Highly recommend


Sales Executive

Honest, Constructive Feedback

Working with Alison was very enlightening. I would definitely recommend Alison to anyone who is looking to improve on their skills and wants honest, constructive feedback that they can actually use.


Nurse Practitioner


Alison is hands-down amazing!



Become Your Best Self

Alison creates a great environment where you feel safe being yourself while helping you become your best self.




Alison was AMAZING! It is clear that she is extremely experienced. She just went above and beyond. I am seriously so thankful and happy with the service she provided.




Alison was great, very attentive and focused. She sends feedback which I really appreciated!


Product Manager

Kind and Professional

She is kind and professional, and provided highly helpful tips regarding my performance.


Business Analyst

Worth Every Dollar

Alison is an excellent coach – she has years of experience doing it as part of her career. She was very supportive and encouraging. She definitely went above and beyond in her coaching. Worth every dollar!


Account Manager

Make an Impact

With 15 years of hiring talent for companies, Alison knows what companies are looking for. She is able to help others with that knowledge allowing those seeking out new jobs and positions to make impactful impressions that put them at the forefront of those opportunities.


NPO Director

An Absolute Necessity

Alison’s extreme wealth of knowledge, ability to coach others to package themselves as invaluable resources, and her obvious passion for wanting to better the human condition make her an absolute necessity.


Marketing Director


I have landed my first job in a totally new field in just one month! Alison has a fun and relaxed personality that is infectious, and she motivates me with her positive attitude. Nothing speaks like results, though, and even though a career change, she has come through for me.



Helped Me Change Careers

Going through a career change can be scary and intimidating. Since working with Alison, she has put my mind to ease about the job search process and has walked me through a lot of my apprehensions about this change. Working with Alison has done nothing but make this career change easier and much more manageable. If anyone is looking for help with their career, Alison should be right at the top of the list!



Fun Process

She has been a great support in evaluating my experiences, writing a resume, searching for a job and building a network. She is highly empathetic and makes an intimidating process into a fun process. She provides expert advice that makes all the difference! Without question – a great investment.


Project Manager

Won’t Steer You Wrong

Alison is a fantastic career coach that I would recommend to anyone looking for advisement and guidance in the job marketplace. She’s smart, perceptive, and will never steer you wrong.



Get to the Destination

Alison expertly guided me through remote-work negotiations with my employer while also helping me conduct a parallel job search in my target city. We worked together to refresh my resume and LinkedIn profile, develop strategic connections in my target city, and evaluate the cultural and technical fit for companies with whom I had matched…I highly recommend Alison if you are looking for a career coach who will strive to understand you as an individual, encourage you through the tricky bits, and drop you off at a destination you had until then only dreamed of.


Software Engineer

Forge Winning Strategies

Alison is a fantastic confidant that has allowed me to forge winning strategies for my career vision and provides valuable expert perspectives on a variety of leadership, career, and professional/personal situations. I look forward to working with Alison for years to come. I know I have a valuable asset in my corner with her leadership!


Project Manager

Affordable Career Consulting

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