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Job Skills More Important than Resumes

A resume is a powerful tool when you are searching for a job. In fact, most job seekers obsess over their resume and believe it can make or break the deal with potential employers. Although having a great resume will definitely boost the chances of capturing an employer’s attention, it doesn’t land you the job. We’ll show you five job search skills that are more important than your resume:

Job Skill: Growing Your Network

Networking has become the single most important job skill in searching for and finding a new work. Who you know and how you engage with those people not only helps to build long-lasting relationships, but it also empowers you to share ideas and expertise with – and become more visible to – people in various positions and career paths. As a job seeker, you must know how to network and take time out of every day to build and interact with their network.

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Showcasing Your Personality

A glowing review of your accomplishments and skill set can quickly be dimmed by a lackluster personality. Showing that you’re likeable and embody characteristics like integrity, determination, and adaptability and being about to talk about yourself is a huge job skill. Therefore, your personality is undeniably more important than your resume!

Your Passion as a Job Skill

When you are passionate about what you do, it shows on a resume. However, the opposite is true, too. Find the parts of your job that you are enthusiastic about and your resume become naturally appealing to potential employers, recruiters, etc as they read it.

Talking about Your Motivations

It’s important for potential employers to see that you are motivated. Yes, your resume shows growth throughout your career and highlights your significant accomplishments, but you need to have the job skill of taking about your ambitions, your willingness to learn, your hunger to succeed, and your drive to become the best. They want to know that you can be taught new skills and both adapt to and drive change.

Your Ability to Research

I bet you’re wondering how research is more important than your resume. It’s true. Research is more important than your resume because the research you conduct allows you to enhance your resume and show potential employers that you are being proactive, thorough, and thoughtful in your job search. Research companies before you send them your resume. Cater your resume (and cover letter) to the company and job position of which you are applying for. This goes a long way in comparison to sending the same general, blanket resume through for every application.

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