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5 Creative Ways to Network this Holiday Season

The holidays are a perfect excuse to start activating your network.

People crave contact during holidays – this year there’s an absence of travelling pressure for most, many will have empty time that’s usually filled with family dinners, travelling, and (now cancelled) traditions. While disappointing, we all have to do what we can to stay safe.

However, this gives a great opportunity for YOU to be a social boon to your network and give a fun way to start up old relationships.

The rules for holiday networking are simple:

  • Be authentic
  • Get creative
  • Be of service

A note here: holiday networking is NOT the time for self-promotion. Instead, it’s about strengthening bonds and connections that have diminished over time.

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5 Creative Ways to Network this Holiday Season

  1. Offer an “old colleague friends” hang out on zoom. Invite your former work besties and lunch buddies to reconnect.
  2. Social distance Christmas caroling – If you live in the same area(ish) why don’t you ask folks if they’d like to go caroling in your neighborhoods? It’s outside, will spread cheer, and make things memorable (just stay 6 feet apart!)
  3. Go old school – send Christmas cards (electronic or “old school”) Include a letter/note that you’d love to rekindle your friendship over the holidays
  4. Send a gift – know this person well? Send them a little gift with a note wishing them well.
  5. A big staple in our house over holidays is games. Why not invite people to a virtual escape room, interactive gameshows, or multiplayer games from their computer?
  6. Bonus: Pick a charitable cause and ask others to participate! Nothing makes people feel good like helping others. Here’s a list of ideas to get those creative juices going!

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