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Even the most experienced and skilled individuals have trouble landing the job after an interview.


It’s really difficult to do interview preparation.

As professionals, we are trained to do our work. Obviously. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re good at your job. Right?

However, in a job interview, you’re not asked to demonstrate your ability to do the job.

Instead, you need to talk about how your past experiences and how you would react in hypothetical situations. You have to discuss what makes you tick, what your preferences are, identify your ambitions, and show yourself in the best positive light compared to others.

To make matters worse – you have zero idea what an employer is going to ask you during the interview, making it impossible to prepare answers in advance – leading to “um, uh, hmm good question” stumbles to answers, rambling, and general incoherence.

No wonder most people don’t interview well!

Our free “Story Prep” guide helps you come up with some general situational and behavioral story topics to think out ahead of time to aid in your interview preparation. These stories are the core of what most employers are seeking through the countless variety of questions they ask.

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