This is my first job-hunting search for 10 years and I was unsure of how things have changed. Alison gave very valuable advice. Excellent value for money – fully recommend.

Ronal – UK

Alison was amazing and very professional. She was able to convey some inside info about the recruitment process that you cannot find online. I can’t recommend her enough.

Michael S – USA

Excellent service and very helpful! I was rather nervous going into my interview so this really helped calm the nerves and gave me some excellent ideas for what they would they be looking for. It was very helpful to go over the answers after the interview to iron out the kind of things they would be looking for. Fortunately I passed the interview (both of them) and got the job!

Rob – UK

Alison was very personable, very insightful, compassionate yet firm, and coached through the lens of a seasoned professional. As suggestions were on point and constructive.

A. L. – USA

I had Alison prep me for a major presentation, and it made all the difference!

M. J. – Hong Kong

Alison is amazing! She really understands how to interview and what to set yourself apart! Highly recommend

Nick – NY

Working with Alison was very enlightening. I would definitely recommend Alison to anyone who is looking to improve on their skills and wants honest, constructive feedback that they can actually use.

Rachel M – USA

Alison is amazing!

Julie – CA

Alison creates a great environment where you feel safe being yourself while helping you become your best self.

Jessica – UK

Alison was AMAZING! It is clear that she is extremely experienced. She just went above and beyond. I am seriously so thankful and happy with the service she provided.

Nicole – USA

Alison was great, very attentive and focused. She sends feedback which I really appreciated!

Y. S. – NY

 She is kind and professional, and provided highly helpful feedback regarding my performance.

Anonymous – USA

Alison is an excellent interview coach – she has years of experience doing it as part of her career. She was very supportive and encouraging, and after the call she even followed up with a written analysis. She definitely went above and beyond in her coaching. Worth every dollar!

Ryan – CA

With 15 years of hiring talent for companies, Alison knows what companies are looking for in new hires. She is able to help others with that knowledge allowing those seeking out new jobs and positions to make impactful impressions that put them in the forefront of those opportunities.

Brian – IN